Snoopy Specialty License Plate

Snoopy with License PlateHave you seen the newest proposed specialty plate? The one with the dancing beagle on it?

Well, proceeds from this plate will be used to fund grants for California museums. Museums such as… Luther Burbank Home & Gardens!

board-w-Snoopy-plateOur nonprofit board members (Daniel Flock, Carol Skold, Kathie Leader, John Sawyer, Dee Blackman, Sharlene McCaw shown, Claire Borges, Linda Daube, Mitch Hollohan not shown) are excited at the possibilities.

Approximately half of the 7500 plates needed to start this program have already been pre-ordered. If you’d like to show your pride as a Santa Rosan, or your affection for a certain imaginative beagle, or your devotion to California museums – visit to find out how you can order your own plate today.

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