Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

Upcoming Events

The Gardens are open every day, free of charge, from 8am to dusk.

Volunteer Recruiting Now seeking new Volunteers to join us for our 2018 season. Docent, Gardener and Gift Shop Volunteer positions available. Call 524-5445 or read more here first.

Mon-Fri through March 30th – Gift Shop by Request. We’ll open the Gift Shop just for you Mon-Fri 11:00-5:00. Call 524-5445 to confirm that we’re here.

Mon-Fri through March 30th – Mini-Tours of the Home. We’ll open the Home just for you Mon-Fri 11:00-5:00. Call 524-5445 to confirm that we’re here.

Tuesday, April 3rd – Tour Season Opens! Tours, Museum and Gift Shop Tues-Sat, 10-4 and Sun 11-3. Come visit this living link to Santa Rosa’s past!

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

Greenhouse & Carriage House

Welcome to the official website for the Home, Greenhouse, and Gardens where world-renowned horticulturist, Luther Burbank, lived and experimented with plants for most of his 50-year career.

This Registered National, State & City Historic Landmark is a unique urban garden located at the corner of Santa Rosa and Sonoma Avenues in Santa Rosa, California. See the map to Luther Burbank Home & Gardens.

The Carriage House Museum & Gift Shop is open and walk-in Docent-led tours are available April-October. The grounds are open daily from 8:00 a.m. to dusk year-round for self-guided tours and reserved Group and Children’s Tours.

Please note: pets are not allowed in the Gardens. Service animals only.

Volunteer Here!

Small violet growing in the crack between a brick wall and a brick pathway.We invite you to join the Luther Burbank Home & Gardens Volunteer Association. You’ll meet and work with many interesting Volunteers as well as greet thousands of visitors from all over the world. Help us preserve and share this living link to Santa Rosa’s past!

Informational interviews take place in January & February, with Volunteer training Saturdays in February & March. Bilingual Volunteers are always welcome.

We have opportunities for Docents, Gardeners and Gift Shop Volunteers.

You can find more information here – or call 707-524-5445 or email


What’s in Bloom

The Gardens are springing into spring! We still have daffodils and primroses and pansies. But the Orchard is in bloom and there are California poppies popping up everywhere. The roses are leafing out and everything just feels like it’s waking up  View more photos…

Did You Know?

In California, Arbor Day is celebrated on March 7th, in honor of Luther Burbank’s birthday. (In many other parts of the country it’s celebrated late in April, as being a more appropriate time, weatherwise, for planting trees.)

In fact, California celebrates Arbor Week, March 7-14. You can find more information about local activities at Arbor Week.

Rachel's Fruit Salad Tree

’Tis the Season to Graft Your Fruit Trees!

Greetings all! I’m sure most of you are familiar with the story of the 20,000 prune trees Mr. Burbank delivered to Warren Dutton in 1881, earning Burbank the nickname of “The Plant Wizard.” To accomplish this task, Mr. Burbank used a technique known as June Budding, where individual buds of one plant are spliced onto the stem of another plant. They call it “June” budding because often this process is accomplished when the rootstock of the plant is actively growing. This time of year, when plants are dormant, we use a different grafting technique that involves a rootstock and a...

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Photo of Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank & Henry Ford

Burbank & Famous Friends

Luther Burbank became an internationally known celebrity during his lifetime. Many famous people made the journey to small-town Santa Rosa to visit the plant breeder and view his experiments. The guestbook records visits from the East Coast, Europe, Australia and Mongolia among many others. Read about some of Luther’s most well-known visitors.

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